Bike The Bridge 2012

17 04 2012

The date is set – June 17th. The perfect Father’s Day present! Stay tuned for registration details, which will be announced shortly.




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19 04 2012
Jen shaw

Could u please tell me at what skill level is required and how long it will take and the route taken? Thanks so much!

19 04 2012
Kari Gignac

Hi Jen… all levels of cyclists can participate! We’re going to offer two tours – a shorter one (probably around 20-25kms) and a longer tour (around 65kms). We haven’t got the details for the tours confirmed yet, so I don’t have a route to share, sorry. The event will go from roughly 7:30am (we’ll cross the bridge by 8am) until about 3-4pm.

19 04 2012
Jen shaw

Thanks so much Keri.

19 04 2012
Jen shaw

Is the bike across the bridge for any charity? Do we have to raise money? Registration? Sorry for so many questions.

20 04 2012
Kari Gignac

There’s no need to get sponsors or pledges, and money from registration will go towards the cost of the event and the Michigan Trails & Greenways Alliance.

26 04 2012

As far as documentation: Will a birth certificate suffice, or will riders need an enhanced license/passport?

26 04 2012
Kari Gignac

You’ll need a passport, enhanced driver’s license, or Nexus card. Whichever of those you use to cross the border normally. 🙂

16 06 2012
Melinda Munro

Is there any word about what happens if it is thundering tomorrow morning?

17 06 2012
Kari Gignac

We’ll be going rain or shine… if it’s thundering and lightening, we may delay a bit while we’re at Mic Mac Park for breakfast (hopefully it won’t come to that, though)!

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