Registration for Canadian Riders

1 06 2011

Registration for Canadian riders starts at 7:30am.

Please arrive on time! We have 100 people to park, register & instruct so we would appreciate it if you do your best to arrive close to 7:30.

The registration process takes about 20 minutes and around 7:55am we will walk our bikes across the road and then ride the very short distance to the first staging area for the Ambassador Bridge.

Around 8:00am will will get our final words from customs, wait for further instructions, and look forward to the U.S. riders meeting us shortly thereafter.

After the U.S. riders have all crossed, customs will let us proceed to meet them and then we will cross the bridge as one large group. From there we will ride to Milliken State Park for a group breakfast.

If you are running late, you must park and register and meet up with our group BEFORE we clear the first staging area. After that point you will not be allowed to join us and you forfeit your registration.


2011 Registration Open

16 05 2011

Registration for Bike the Bridge 2011 is now open!

This year’s event will be held on Sunday, June 12, 2011.

Register now:

Event: Bike the Bridge 2011

Date: Sunday, June 12, 2010 from 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM (ET) (time is estimated)

Start: Canadians start in Windsor, ON and then tour Detroit, MI

Cost: $55

Participants: Cyclists of all skill levels (must be 16 years +)

Details: Breakfast, t-shirt, bridge crossing, tour (choose from short or long tour), return transportation by bus


15 06 2010

Some of the BtB riders had cameras mounted to their helmets.  This allowed them to capture the ride like no one else could.  Enjoy!

Thanks to the ESRs for the great video!

A Grand Day Out

15 06 2010

Sunday’s event was a great success thanks to the organizers, the Ambassador Bridge, enthusiastic participants and amazing weather!

Our riders enjoyed a unique trip across the bridge (complete with a falcon chaperone), a fantastic breakfast from Tres Be-An Cafe at Mic Mac Park, and some great rides.

Everyone’s still on a high from the fantastic event and the photos and comments are pouring in.  We’ll post more pictures as we get them.

In the meantime, here’s what we have:

Map for Parking

8 06 2010

Here’s a map of our designated parking:

Ambassador Bridge Parking

The Ambassador Bridge has been great to us so far and they’ve gone the extra mile yet again.  We now have a designated parking spot at the foot of the bridge!  But first…

Please arrive at 6:15am to sign in.  Have your ID that you registered with handy.  You will be given instructions after you sign in on where to go; we will move all riders from the lot by 6:40 to meet with border staff at our starting point.  At 7am we will ride as a group across the bridge and just before U.S. customs we will stop and wait for the U.S. riders to join us.  Then we will return across the bridge and down to regroup in the McDonald’s parking lot.  Then it’s on to a nice breakfast at Malden Park and you will choose your ride from there (long distance to Amherstburg and Fort Malden or ride to Hiram Walker for a tour, Willistead Manor for the Marty Gervais talk and off to Carrousel at the waterfront).

Parking is available at the Ambassador Bridge lot located on Huron Church Road across from the bridge’s exit/customs plaza.  This turns into a one-way street just before the parking lot so you must access it from Riverside Drive, University Avenue or Wyandotte Street.  Regardless of which of these cross streets you come from, turn south onto Huron Church Road.  Just past Wyandotte you will drive under the Ambassador Bridge and you will see a plaza on either side of the road; just past that are some overhead lights and immediately to your right there is an entrance to the parking lot (just where the concrete wall ends).  Pull in and lot attendants will have you park at the far end of the lot.

Because the street is a one way and is near the bridge, there is no sidewalk to enter from the south side.  If you are arriving by bicycle and are coming from the south side, you must go around via Indian Road (there is a pathway just past the McDonalds) of via Wyandotte.

Please remember to bring:

  • ID (whatever you registered with MUST be with you)
  • Helmet
  • Water
  • Layered Clothing
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Sunscreen

We look forward to seeing you Sunday morning for this great event!

If you have any questions my number is 519-945-3372 and cell is 519-890-3159.

View the full itinerary here.

It’s Almost Here!

8 06 2010

This is the week you’ve been waiting for!  The great ride is almost upon us.  A detailed email will find its way into your inbox shortly, but here’s the itinerary:

6:15    Sign in at parking lot on Huron Church Road

6:45    Walk bikes across to Ambassador Bridge plaza

7:00    Ride bridge to designated spot, wait for U.S. riders

7:45    Back down the bridge with U.S. riders

8:00-8:20   Regroup at McDonald’s

8:20-9:00   Ride to breakfast

9:00-10:00  Enjoy breakfast!

After breakfast you will either choose the long ride (to Amherstburg) or the shorter tour to Hiram Walker and Willistead Manor for the Marty Gervais talk.

Please note: the above times are approximate and we ask that you follow the itinerary that will be in your inbox.  Also, times/instructions are subject to change slightly based on the Ambassador Bridge and their staff assisting us.

The Countdown is On!

1 06 2010

Registration is now closed and the countdown to the event has begun:

12 days!